Vote Craig for Clark County School District "E" Trustee

Vote Craig for Clark County School District "E" Trustee

Vote Craig for Clark County School District "E" TrusteeVote Craig for Clark County School District "E" TrusteeVote Craig for Clark County School District "E" Trustee

School Choice - Skilled Work Force - Audit of Clark County School District

Craig for District "E" Trustee

We need forward thought and dialogue to get our education system out of last place in the nation. It's obvious the current board cannot seem to find the issues and solve problems. I will take action. I am a creative thinker and problem solver. To solve problems means challenging the status quo!

Why You Should Vote for Christopher Craig?


With all my education and business experience, I am able to challenge current thinking to get things done and open dialogue to challenge current thoughts. Challenging the status quo requires others to think outside the box and embrace change and keep an open mind. Most of all, we must provide our youth an education and opportunities that were not available to us when we were kids.

I am only running for one (1) term. I believe in civic duty and term limits. I am also donating my Board Salary to one lucky teacher every month. I am self funded and will not accept any donations.

About Christopher:

I grew up in Auburn, California. My mother was a single mother and we lived in an apartment. My mother often worked two jobs to allow me to participate in all the youth sports and other activities she could afford. I took my first job as a paperboy with the Auburn Journal when I was 10 years old. I stayed with that paper route till I was 13 years old. I earned $31.00 a month. But this was enough for a small boy, who dreamed of owning his own business one day. This empowered me to learn budgeting and sales, plus the discipline of waking up every morning Sunday-Friday at 4am to deliver papers by 5am to my customers. I even had to go out and do my own collections. My father served 23 years in the U.S. Air Force.

Upon graduation from high school in 1993, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps June 22, 1993 and was honorably discharged June 21, 1997. I deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Balkins, and other not so pretty places around our world. I served with 2nd Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence Group now MARSOC. After active duty I served an additional three years in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. While in the Marine Corps, I obtained highly technical skills in the data and telecommunications field and learned how to enjoy to be uncomfortable. After separating, I went on to work for Pacific Bell and numerous other dot com start-ups during the late 1990s dot com boom.

I learned leadership at a young age while in the Marine Corps and how to adapt and overcome. I don't think I was ever in a luxurious place while deployed. In fact, I was mostly miserable and learned how to live miserable i.e., tracking down bad guys in the jungles to the oceans that wanted me dead, big bugs and bug bites and no bug repellent, swimming in deep oceans at night with things bigger than me, and either freezing cold weather or muggy hot weather and of coarse no heat or air. An experience that I would not give up. What this taught me is that I can push myself beyond what most would call physical human limits and still think clearly. Most of all, not to ever quit. 

What I bring to the table is a different view point than the status quo. Plus, I am a battle tested warrior that does not take no for an answer and will find ways to adapt and overcome, even with the odds against me. So who do you want on your team, more of the same politics or something different. I will take my jab here, the current board, except one person has all been on this Board for a few terms. What has changed? Nothing? Keep the same people in - you get the same thing. Entrepreneurs solve problems by finding solutions - just like Steve Jobs did with Apple. The old way of institutional thought and process doesn't work. So if you want Clark County to be last in education, keep the same Board.

When the dot com crash put me out of a job, I had no other choice, but to become an Entrepreneur. I found himself in a new booming mortgage and real estate market, which taught me the values of investing and finance.

I have been self-employed in numerous businesses and I currently own four businesses here in Las Vegas from a construction supply company to a tax planning and corporate turnaround management consultancies. 

I have always been an innovator, challenging the status quo, and pushing the limits to spark rational thought in the people around me.

I earned a B.A. degree from Adams State University in 15 months, graduating summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA. I earned an M.B.A. from the Keller Graduate School of Management. I earned a Master of Laws with an emphasis in Business Bankruptcy and Taxation from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and went to law school at American Heritage University School of Law. I am currently an enrolled agent licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and am also a Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor, Certified Tax Planner and Certified Tax Master. I am also a member of The Center for Tax Strategies and Resources, Tax Masters Network, and the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners.

I have a two kids, a 5 year old step son, and 6 week old girl. And the most wonderful girlfriend Cristina. I still play rugby tournaments, hike all over the hills of Clark County, am a foodie, and a political activist. I am also studying for the United States Tax Court Bar to be held in November.

So who do you want on your Board? 

I hope I earned your vote - which is a vote for change!

Call to Action

The Current situation of the Clark County School Board - well not much has changed. Nevada is still near last. 

If you keep voting in the same people the status quo will remain the same. I may not be able to solve all the problems, but what I can do is get a dialogue going and get others excited about change to identify the issues and put forth some solutions. I cannot do this alone it will require effort from CCSD staff, the Board, parents and the community.

I bring fresh ideas on how to fund the school and programs, and not by increasing taxes.

The CCSD is the largest employer in Clark County. Through the power of these voters and community members, we can draft an Initiative Petition or Referendum locally, which could direct funding to the education system by directing a portion of civil penalties for nuisance violations directly to the school district. The first $500 per violation could be directed to the school district by referendum or initiative. However, its obvious the current administration cannot budget properly so these funds would need to be administered by an independent trustee. These funds would be directed to the classroom only, for the students. This just one idea of many.

We could make a law that non-violent offenders should not be sent back to NV Department of Corrections for technical violations or parole violations. And direct this funding to the classroom.

Example: If NV Dept. of Corrections prisoner population is 15,000 prisoners, and 30% of them are non-violent and serving time for a technical violation at the costs of $30,000/yr per prisoner, and this money was re-directed to education. Simply put, that is $135,000,000. This amounts to $450 a year for more spending for each student.

Of coarse there are many more possibilities.

Audit of CCSD

We need to Audit the School District! It's that simple. $5.2 billion budget and 91% of this spending is on administration. These numbers are lopsided. We need to invest more in our teachers and students and technology and less on figure heads!

Skilled Work Force and Teaching Trades

There is a shortage of skilled workers. The reality is most of our kids will not attend college and will leave high school with no skills other than a diploma in Instagram or Facebook. When I was in high school we had more shop classes than I could take. That has largely disappeared. I am an advocate of finding a solution for the necessary funding allow our youth to leave high school with skills to be able to compete in the work force and earn a fair living.

Entrepreneurship in our Schools

Every student graduating high school should know how to start a small business i.e., forming an LLC or corporation, navigating business licensing, etc. Entrepreneurship is something I believe should be taught to our students. Frankly, it starts from the neighborhood lemonade stand and a dream.

Increase Teachers Salaries and Incentives!

No teacher should be impoverished. No teacher should have to take a second job to survive. No teacher should have to use their own money for class projects and students. Thus, I will look for solutions to increase teacher salaries and provide incentives to teachers that go the extra mile for their students.